Dadarkopara ( Dabhosa)

Dabhosa- Dadarkopara -waterfall is only 18 km away from on jawhar - Talasari - Silvasa Road. This waterfall is on Lendi River and on other side of river at sarsun there is Dadarkopara Waterfall. The dadarkopara fall is dry during summer there is also known as suka (Dry) fall.The height of water fall is 300 feet from lendi river first the water comes in flask shaped rock & again from there its comes in 5 feet by 5 feet flask shaped open natural container.Both the sides of waterfall are surround by straight mountains of height not less than 600 feet and are covered with medical plants.(Vanaushadhi).

Jaivilas Palace

The palace was build by Raje Yashwant Rao Maukne.The stone used for this is syinite which was brought from Kalidhond which is 5 km away from its location.It was said that the waork of palace was complited the quary of stone was dumped and now from the geological department of india the survay was taken to find out the quary .The palace is a master piece of pink stone.There is a beatiful garden must be called forest having plants of Kaju everywhere.

Hanuman Point

On the east side of the city from nearly 1 to 2 km from the heart of the city there was a old temple of maruti which was surrounded by dark forest of cactus , thus known as Katya Maruti mandir.Ahead of mandir there is a vally .The temple is surrounded by vally from three side. the vally is nearly 500 feet deep As the development is done the temple is renovated and now it is known as hanuman Point. From this point at the time of night we can see the lights of train in Kasara ghat in
day we can see historical fort of Shahapur Maholi.Early in the morning the vally of mountains are covered with dark fog slighlty we can say that every where is water .But as the fog disappears we can see beautiful greenry .Just after that we can see the sun rays rising from behind the hill.The vally also known as Devkobacha Kada Among this our freedom fighter and most beloved Veer Savarkar also lives here in his childhood . The hanuman point (Sunrise Point ) is there a most beautiful place from where we can see sunrise beautiful vally, high hills & the Royal Jaivilas Palace.

Sunset Point

Nearly 0.5 km away towords west from the heart of the city is the heritage of lovers called Sunset point The Shape of the vallay is like Bow (Dhanush) therefore earlier was known as Dhanukamal.The views of sunset from this loacation is so Marvolous that one can say I think i mat Bombay point of 'Mahabaleshwar.' While the sunsets, the mountain of Mahalaxmi near Dahanu which is nearly 60km from Jawhar can be seen easily and we can see the sun at the nearest The rays of sun spreads in the dark bushes in the valley the seen is so beautiful which cant expressed in words.